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2013 BMW M6 Convertible

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2013 BMW M6 Convertible

Happy End. Thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive.

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Watch all commercials: A girl, a boy, a daddy and a kiss in front of the BMW. These are the ingredients of this "flashlight"-BMW spot. The innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps are your useful companions in everyday life and beyond. How you use them

New BMW 2014 Commercial

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New Fantastic BMW 2014 Commercial! Advertisement of new BMW! Bmw x5, 7 series, i8 hybrid. For any business purposes:

2013 BMW 335i with X Drive Review - Gadget Review

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BMW's 2013 335i with X Drive Review. You can read the full review here. *Please note that this review was early in our "car reviewing" experience. Please, please see our more current reviews before you completely pass judgement.

BMW i8 in detail. Aerodynamics.

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With this BMW TV series you can get a closer look at the BMW i8. This time you can get more information about the Aerodynamics of the BMW i8.

FACELIFT BMW 2013 7 Series 750i 750Li

99,503 views 0 comments ........ This is the footage of the Facelift BMW 2013 7 Series 750Li and 750i debuting in 2012. BIMMERTIMES

Spy Video: 2013 BMW i8 Coupe Testing in the Snow

47,720 views 0 comments

The 2013 BMW i8, a dramatically styled sports car with a hybrid powertrain, has been caught on video during cold weather testing. Read 2013 BMW i8 Coupe news here:

2013 BMW 7 Series Long - Interior and Running Footage [1080p HD]

215,343 views 0 comments 2013 BMW 7-Series Facelift The newly updated 2013 BMW 7 Series will again set new benchmarks in its class for performance, luxury, efficiency and safety. The updates include significant powertrain upgrades for 740i/Li and 750i/Li

NEW BMW 2014 - BMW 3 SERIES GT 2014

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The BMW Z1 fan story

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Adem Solmaz is pure fan of one special car: the BMW Z1 roadster. Watch his story and find out what's the unique feature of the BMW Z1. To get the latest BMW clips, just subscribe to the official BMW YouTube channel:

The Epic Driftmob feat. BMW M235i

12,646,038 views 0 comments

Is it possible to make a drift-choreography in a rotary traffic? We took some hollywood stunt driver and added the same amount of BMW M235i cars. The result: About 90 seconds of driving pleasure and smoking tyres. Please note that all these driving-scenes are real. To avoid accidents, we had to bloc

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BMW Owners Forum

August 18, 2014

BMW Owners Forum  …… obsessively covers everything to do with BMW including BMW News, BMW Reviews, BMW Videos, BMW Forum and our BMW Members Area. All our members have access to site features such as …..    Video and Instant Chat  Internal Emailing  Members Blogs  Members Wall  Members Video Galleries  Members Picture Galleries  Events Calendar  Members Polls  Latest Industry News  Members Free […]


BMW i8

June 2, 2014

With its ultra-dynamic proportions, elegantly sporty lines, low-slung silhouette and innovative design features, the BMW i8 represents a new generation of sports car. Bringing together hallmark features of the BMW brand with the design language developed specially for BMW i cars creates a progressive aesthetic which faithfully communicates the performance attributes, efficiency and innovative premium […]


BMW X6 (2009)

May 16, 2014

  BMW X6 BMW will once again introduce a ground-breaking idea to the world and the creation of a new segment with the debut of its all-new X6 Sports Activity Coupe at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show in January. The all-new vehicle redefines the very notion of a coupe — with five doors and four […]

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